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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Asian Cam Controversy

There has been a recent cam controversy involving asian models. The legality issues coming from overseas live cam girls has been put into question. The ages of asian webcam performers outside the united states is often questionable at best. Many places run sex cams in near sweatshop conditions for these underage girls and merely profit from their exploit. Most in the adult industry would agree this practice is not only quite illegal but appalling and disgusting. The only way we can stop these things from happening is to support only cam girls and programs we in fact know to be legitimate and legal. There is a great article on the subject here and some suggestions on safe to use cam programs.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amazingly Hot Asians

I love asian women. I honestly love pussy hair, I think hairy pussy is making a comeback to be truthful. I mean when you are barebacking a sweet barely legal 18 year old asian girl, and her fluffy puss is brushing your hairy mound while your cock plunges in and out of a warm and tight dripping wet cunt hole, her tongue is wiggling between your lips, and her asshole is puckered from repeated orgasms, she smells like musky dripping orchid flowers, and her tiny little voice is squeaking out with each cervix busting pump that drives the mattress down and drives her nails into your back a little further, that's is the pleasure that is a hairy pussied asian cutey. Enjoy the new girls ;-)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Asian Hotties - Double your pleasure pussy treasure

The only bush I'm gonna beat around today are the ones on these asian cuties. I'll beat around them with my cock for sure! Mr. Chews has always had the best in XXX asian sex bang for the buck and with fresh talent and great production they are a strong contender for best asian sex site ever, along with a few others you will find conveniently linked from within the confines of this page. Go on over and see for yourself, Mr. Chews fucking DELIVERS!!


Mr. Happy's Glory Hole

I am so excited about this site I just had to share it with all my loyal blog readers. No matter which blog you favor I had to make sure everyone got a look at the new site from TCG called "Mr. Happy's Glory Hole". I've never been a huge fan of glory hole sites because most were poorly done, the girls were skanky, etc.. etc.. But this time someone finally got it right. Hot women, great sets, truly hot glory hole action. Be sure and check it out.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dirty Thai Sluts

A friend of mine lives in Thailand and he's always talking about how cheap and wonderful the thai sluts are down there. You can get a handjob for about $14 dollars american, blowjob for $20, Full on fucking for $25, these bitches will pretty much do anything you want for a little change, want an adventure? ass fuck one without a rubber, its like playing russian roulette with your cock. These little bitches are nasty, best to dump your load and leave them filthy, fucked, and barely paid. Check out more Dirty Thai Sluts if you are into cheap easy asian pussy.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - Teen Porn

Teen Porn

In my search for more great porn for my viewers I came across this site featuring Teen Porn The site is actually ran by a nice young lady named Dina who is VERY in tune with what us guys are looking for and she has some of the raunchiest and the sexiest galleries I have seen. She also has a
Review section featuring great porn site reviews as well as erotic stories for your reading pleasure. Swing on over to Dina's place and check out her site, you won't be disappointed.

Horny Asian Hookups - She love you long time...

I see alot of ads for personals sites online and sometimes I really kinda get a little skeptical. With all the fake profile sites and bullshit on the web its kinda discouraging if your out there, for real, looking for a live human female to shove your cock in on a saturday night. Sometimes it helps to have someone do the testing for you, and I've found a great site that does just that, Adult Sex Personals weeds through all the online dating BS and gives quality links to quality hook up sites where you can get your balls wet on a weekend with some lonely college girl and not jerked around by some outsourced Pakistani webmaster pretending to be a woman.. "You am got penis? I can see it?" Fuck off bro! Don't waste your time guys, swing over to Adult sex personals and get the real deal..unless your into fucking outsourced Pakistani webmasters pretending to be women..then by all means, try it on your own!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This asian chick I went to high school with!

Holy shit.. I thought I would jizz myself today when I was surfing this new amateur upload site one of my friends was telling me about and found this asian girl I've been wanting to fuck since the 10th grade on there fucking some strange guy in a hotel room! I was in math class with this hot piece of ass, I used to try and sit behind her just so I could smell her, stalker much I know, but damn was she fine in high school. Looks like college has really made a freak out of her...what you guys think? think I should try and tap it?...hell all I need is a video cam and a hotel room and she and I could make a little video of our own.
Apparently the site, Porn GT, lets girls upload videos of themselves. So now i'm gonna be here all night watching clips to see if there are any other girls I went to school with on here. This is fun as shit though! I highly recommend it, ya never know..might find your girlfriend on there!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

More greatness, nothing less, and new XXX asian blogs

We've been working alot lately on a few more great asian blogs. Above is just a sample of the great stuff you will find here and there. Check out some of our newest sites...

Asian Sex Club Blog

The Filipino Fuck Blog

PatPong Pussy Blog

All Asian Sex Blog

Enjoy..If you got yellow fever like I do then your dick better hold on tight..its in for a helluva ride!